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News On How To Locate Contract Textiles

Anzea and Dino Zoli started a collaboration to offer the best value textiles for the business market. It’s done to help improve the vinyl fabric market today. Anzea is a company based in Texas, while Dino Zoli is a company based from Italy so it was unquestionably a great idea to combine the top of both worlds in a single collection. They made an difficult alliance possible and they are offering the top products coming from Texas and Italy. They presented their first installation of DZ x ANZEA and it has made a positive impact in the market.

This is one the biggest collaborations in the fabric industry as both of the companies are actually huge shots in their own areas. Anzea is a company in Texas while Dino Zoli is from Italy. Both firms will offer exquisite contract textiles. The collaboration will offer value and exclusivity to the hospitality and corporate markets since the items can be available in a more convenient platform. The mixture of the inventory will ensure that the selection can be available for the projects of buyers. The DZ x ANZEA assortment can actually offer two outdoor options created from nubby argyle plaid and the 8 fabric styles in this assortment will surely offer the texture and color that you prefer.

Anzea is a very popular when it comes to upholstery textiles, coated fabrics, vinyl fabrics and more. The company started in 1990 and it was founded by Bruce Doeren and Mitzi Mills in Fort Worth, Texas.

The name of the business is really an acronym that signifies the first assortment that Anzea made: Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. Mills is actually a graphic designer and she has a passion for travel and photography.

Doeren is an actually an accounting expert and he makes certain that all the operations in the business will operate correctly. The two of them were able to bring Anzea to where it is at this time.

Anzea always focused on offering the top designs as well as high performance woven fabrics in the market. The company also provides a lot of mix coated and woven textiles and fabrics for more demanding applications. If you will check their collection, you’ll definitely know that the wonderful design, safe chemistry and durability are all present on their products. They also pride themselves for having a dynamic team that could be able to adapt to any situation.

The primary goal of the partnership with Dino Zoli is to offer a better selection for all the customers. This may result in more projects in the future and it will unquestionably benefit a lot of firms and clients.

If you want to look at a few of the best designs of Dino Zoli and Anzea, it’s better to go to their website directly to discover what they could provide. The cooperation may last for a long time so you could expect better designs on their collections in the foreseeable future.

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